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Using Blow Dryer Over Layered Hair


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Blow drying is a process that is used for styling the hair without any dampness in it. Those who have short layered hair will have to face lot of problem to maintain it in proper condition. Using the blow dryer on the short layered hair can help to keep it in great shape and also very easily manageable. You can use the same method on any type of hair starting from short to long. Also use the blow dryer that is recommended by the hairstylist to prevent hair damage.
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First brush the entire hair after applying a hair straightening cream and take the lowest hair layer about one inch thick hair separately. Keep the remaining hair away from this section. Now take the blow dryer with medium setting and use it over the small hair section from top to end. Then taught the hair with the comb while using the blow dryer and move it towards the end of your hair. Make sure that entire bottom of your hair becomes dry and use the blow dryer on the same hair parts with cold setting. Now take another one inch thick hair just over the previous section and repeat the same technique. Finally use a spray to mist the hair completely to maintain the flyaways in its place. You can use the hair straightening iron over the strands if required to complete the styling process.

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