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Using Clariol To Lighten Hair


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Making the hair light can give a new look if you have a dark hair. You can just use Clariol to remove the dark hair and make it look completely light. There are different types of hair color available from Clariol to change the dark colored hair. This is one of the cheapest way to remove hair color from your hair.
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For using this process on temporary hair color, first purchase Clairol Uncolor to get rid of dark hair while washing your hair. Then cover the plastic cap and make sure that the entire hair has been covered with it. Next use the hair dryer with medium heat over the covered plastic cap about half an hour. Let the plastic cap stay on your hair for another five minutes after the heat is applied over it. Now rinse the hair using a shampoo and try to condition it as usual. For using it over the permanent hair color, first take the color remover in a bowl of water and apply it over the hair till the lather starts to form. Use plastic cap to cover the head and leave it on for about half an hour just like in the temporary process. Then take the hair dryer for using it over the hair and leave it for about five minutes. As usual rinse the hair and style it as per your desire.

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