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Swing Bob With Hair Weave


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A swing bob can give a very edgy looking hairstyle that can be created with the help of a weave. You must just use glue to attach the weave to your bob to make it look unique. This hairstyle can be achieved with touching your natural hair and maintain it without causing any damage from the hairstyling tools.
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To create the swing bob, first make a center part in your hair and brush both the sections of hair. Add a small amount of gel on your entire hair section and sick the hair down with the help of a comb. Take small hair sections on top of the head and secure it separately as it will be used to cover the weave at last. Now wrap the entire hair around the scalp and cover it with a wrap cap. Just place your head under the hooded dryer to make it dry fully. Take weave pieces as per your desire and measure it to fit at the lower part of the head. You can apply a small amount of glue to hair weft and mist the weft with a hairspray. Dry it using a blow dryer for 1 minute and do the same all over the head. Once the entire head gets covered with the weave, make the secured hair from top of the head to fall over the hair weave before styling it as you wish.

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