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Using Sponge Hair Curler To Create Curls


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Sponge hair curler can be used to achieve attractive curls in your hair without causing any damage to it. It is normally made with soft material along with a plastic clip that can be placed very gently over the hair without getting hurting the hair. Just use this technique for styling the hair into curls with the sponge curlers. Start the styling with proper hairstyling products and avoid using heat tools for a long time on your hair to prevent damage.
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As usual try to shampoo wash the hair and condition it properly. Brush the hair after drying it with a towel. Make center part in the hair using the same brush and keep them separated with hair clip. Add equal amount of hair gel on one inch hair section and start rolling them into the sponge curler till you reach the scalp of the head. Secure the sponge curler into the hair using the clip and do the same on the remaining hair parts. You can just use the sponge curlers at the hair ends to create much softer curls in your hair. Once the hair gets covered with curler, try to use a hairspray to mist it all over. After the hair becomes fully dry, you can simply remove it using your hands. At last finger comb the entire hair and use the hairspray once again to style the curls.

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