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Hairstyle With Rubber Band Weave


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Rubber band weave is a perfect way to achieve the hairstyle that you are looking for without touching the natural hair. You must prepare the hair in order to attach the weave to it in a perfect manner. You can easily add the weave into the hair with some practice in about 30 minutes.
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First clean your hair and moisturize it as usual to start the styling. Then brush the natural hair to make horizontal part behind your head. Make another section just below the first part and create a ponytail. Create another ponytail and secure both of them together. Now keep the hair weft just over the hair part that was created. Try to fold the thread into half and attach separate ends in the blunt needle. You must run needle straight through hole that is in between the ponytails and just take the thread through slightly. Take the needle at the other side through the weft and send it inside the loop at the thread end to make it taut. Try to move from right side of the head by wrapping the hair weft over the hair with the help of the needle. Move all the way to the left of your head and create a simple knot to secure it. Make your natural hair to fall over the weave that has been added to your head to achieve a natural look.

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