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Coloring Your Hair With Redken Gels


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Redken gels can be used on the hair as a permanent color and it is also available in different shades. It can be a perfect product for making your hair bright and also light without using any other styling products. The redken gel will be very thick when compared to other hair coloring products and it can be applied throughout your hair very easily. The redken products are normally used by hair specialist in a saloon, but it can be used at home.
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To color your hair with redken gels, decide about the color you are planning to use. Then purchase the developer as per your desire as it is available from 10 volume to 40 volume. Wear hand gloves and start mixing the redken gel along with color developer in a bowl. Try to mix these products perfectly for about thirty seconds and try to apply it over the hair as soon as possible. Apply the mixture on the hair strands from top to bottom and eave it as per the time mentioned on the kit. The time taken for the mixture to process on the hair normally depends on the developer that is used. Then rinse the hair till the water comes out fully clean out of it and apply a hair conditioner. Rinse the hair after 3 minutes to remove the conditioner and style it as per your wish.

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