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Steps To Remove Down Twisted Braids


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Down twisted braids can be a best hairstyle for those who want to protect their natural hair without breaking. You must follow a particular step while taking the twisted braids out of your hair without getting them damaged. It is always important to remove the twisted braids after washing the hair perfectly. Applying hair conditioner and coconut oil is also very important in this styling process to prevent hair from getting damaged.
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First take hair conditioner in your hand and mix it with water for applying it over the hair strands from top to end by slightly massaging. Then spread a small amount of coconut oil over the hair before moving on to the next step. Use a hair clip for keeping the braids over the head. Now pull apart your hair ends from the braid with the help of rat tail brush. Use the same method for removing the braids all over the head with your hands and apply more hair conditioner during this process. Try to secure the removed braid separated using hair clips before moving onto the other parts of your hair. Next take out separate hair strands from your braid to make the curls free from the hairstyle and you can add more hair conditioner if possible while doing this step also. Don’t comb the hair fast with rat tail brush as it can damage the hair that can difficult to repair.

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