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Posh Bob Haircut


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Posh bob is a hairstyle that is mostly worn by Katie Holmes on various occasions. There are also other celebrities who like to style their hair in this way as it is easy to maintain. You can use the following method to achieve this hairstyle at home. There are different versions in this hairstyle, so select the best one before starting the process.
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To create the posh bob, consult a hairstylist to use the best styling technique at home. Then cut the hair as angular bob that can add more shape to the hair. You can also style it with bangs, so the hairstyle can look good. Another option is getting a graduated bob haircut which is also one of the posh haircut. It is a very classic way of styling your hair and Katie Holmes has been spotted with this hairstyle most of the time. You must wash the hair with shampoo before getting the haircut and apply a hair conditioner all over. This can maintain shine in your hair along with bounce for a long time. After getting the posh bob, try to maintain it with proper hairstyling products. Always use volumizing products that can make your hair more thick. Try to dry your hair once it has been properly washed using a hair dryer. This hairstyle can good look with all face types, but you can avoid this if your chin looks dull.

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