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Ways To Make Your Hair Strands Straight


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Having straight hair strands can give a simple look, but it can help to create different types of hairstyles. Making the hair strands straight is just like making the hair straight which can be done with a simple method. Some of the techniques that are fooled while making the hair strands straight doesn’t give the proper result, but you can use the following method to get this done in a perfect way.
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As usual brush the entire hair with a normal comb and spread a serum just over your hair ends. Make sure that the hair ends get completely saturated with the serum before proceeding with the styling process. Now take the straightening iron and use the hair cob for making separate sections in your hair. Use the straightening iron to keep it over the hair and try to smoothen the hair ends only with gentle pressure. Brush the hair ends fully till they become smooth and take the iron out of your hair after following the instructions mentioned in the kit. Usually there will be smoke in your hair where the iron has been placed and you can take it out immediately from your hair. While using the iron you must stay very calm and never try to hurry with it as it can damage the hair permanently. Once the hair becomes straight, you an try to style it as per your wish.

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