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Jennifer Lopez With Lace Braided Bun


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Jennifer Lopez has got a beautiful hairstyle that is known as the lace braided bun. It is one of such hairstyle that is considered to unique by most of the people. This style is also suitable for special events like a wedding. It is also very much popular among other celebrities who wear it for various occasions.
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To get Jennifer Lopez unique  lace braided bun, first you need to brush the hair and create a simple ponytail over your head. Use a normal band to secure the ponytail in place and create small parts in it. Now take the bun maker and use it over the ponytail. The bun maker must stay on top the ponytail and make the hair from your ponytail to stay down as normally. Try to comb the hair tangles in your ponytail and part the hair at the back of your head. Try to make 3 strand braid with the hair parts and include it with the top hair strand over the bun. The braid must look completely tight and just round it over the bun maker before securing it with the elastic. Pull out a small part of your braid at the end and just tuck it with your braid. Use bobby pins to keep the braid secured in place at the end and make sure to use the pins in such a way that they are not visible to the eyes.

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