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Bella Thorne With Half Crown Braid


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Bella Thorne with half crown braid is a perfect style that can be worn for wedding. This hairstyle is considered to be unique by most of the people as it gives really amazing look for those who wear it. You must have a lengthy hair to create this look which can be done at home. Once you have created the hairstyle, just mist it at the end of your process to maintain it in place. Also wear a proper outfit that can make this hairstyle look amazing along with hair accessories.
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To get Bella Thorne look, you need to clean the hair and remove the dampness from it using a towel. Brush the hair which will make it smooth and then make a simple part with your hair. The small section and divide it further into 3 more sections. Try to make a braid using this section and move towards the back of your head during the braiding process. Try to add some of the hair in the braid during the process and if you find any lose any, try to add them with the braid. Now brush the top part of your hair to remove any bumps and try to braid your hair from one ear to another. Use an elastic to keep the hair ends of the brand secured. Finally make the braid to wrap around your head like a crown and secure it with more bobby pins.

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