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Straightening Your Hair When It Is Damp


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A damp hair can be difficult to handle and it can also cause hair damage. But the damp hair can be a perfect choice for those want to make their hair straight. You can do this process with the help of a hair dryer which must be used over the hair after coming out of a shower. Having a straight hair can be the best choice for most of the people as they can style it in different variations. The straight hair is also known to be very easy to handle and needs very less maintenance.
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To start hair straightening, first you must spread a little amount of hair straightening gel all over the hair using your fingers and make sure the entire hair gets saturated with the gel before proceeding further. At the same time you must also make sure that the hair gel doesn’t become too much to handle after applied over your hair. The hair gel must not look more or not look less. Try to comb your hair with paddle brush and use few strokes all over the hair to make the gel spread over completely. Take the hair dryer for blow drying your hair and brush it along with paddle brush while you are still drying the hair with the dryer. Now the hair will start to look fully smooth and you can use the flat iron over your hair in sections to make it look straight.

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