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Beyonce Knowles With Sparkled Hair


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Beyonce Knowles is got a very unique hairstyle with sparkles. By adding sparkles in your hair it will start to look amazing even you don’t a have a perfect hairstyle. There are different options available to make the hair look sparkled. One of the best way to get the sparkled look in your hair with the shampoo, but some of them also prefer tinsel which can be slightly difficult to remove at the end of the day.
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One of the options to add sparkles in your hair with the glitter gems that must be placed over your hair and then use the flat iron over it. Next take out the paper in the glitter gems using your hands and this technique will maintain the sparkles in your hair for one week. Another option is glitter tinsel which can applied over the hair by simply folding them as half and pull out the strands of hair from the loop of the tinsel to create slip knot. Push your knot near the scalp of your head and tie it like a knot using your hair strands. The third option is using a hairspray to get the sparkled look. To do this just purchase the glitter spray from the store and place it about one feet away from the hair to mist it all over from top to end. The spray can add sparkle into the hair and also maintain your perfect hairstyle in place.

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