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Ways To Clean Sew-In Hair Weave


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Maintaining the sew-in weave is a very important process to keep the hair healthy for a long time. You must wash the hair on regular basis in order to keep the sew-in weave in perfect shape. There are many ways that can be followed while cleaning the sew-in weave at home. Give extra attention while washing the sew-in hair weave as it can break easily during the washing process. Don’t put too much of pressure over the sew-in weave with the comb and try to follow this method to clean it perfectly.
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First massage your scalp with oil such as cinnamon oil to improve the hair growth. Let the oil stay on your scalp for about 15 minutes and brush the hair using wide-tooth comb. Then rinse your entire hair using slightly warm water. Now you can use the shampoo first over the scalp of your head and then move to the end of your hair. Rinse your hair again and repeat the shampoo process once again. Comb the hair using wide-tooth brush from top to bottom of the weave and apply a little amount of deep conditioner. You must rinse your weave again and brush it for the final time. This will make the weave free from the remaining dirt. Apply a little amount of tee tree hair oil over the hair weave and the natural hair to end the process.

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