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Tight Barrel Hair Bangs


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Tight barrel bangs are very easy to achieve hairstyle that can be created with the help of normal flat iron. It is important to follow the right method while creating this hairstyle. Just use this technique by sitting at home while creating this style. Get some practice of using the flat iron before touching your bangs for the first time. The bangs cannot be corrected immediately if you make any mistake during the styling process. You must end the styling process after spraying it with a finishing hairspray.
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To begin the hairstyling, first you must divide the bangs as per your desire and use only one and half inch flat iron over it. But you can also use two inch flat iron if your bangs are very long. Start using the flat iron over the bangs starting from the front of your head. You must try to barrel curl the bangs and gently move towards the back of your head. Try to use the flat iron only over the bangs and don’t touch the ends of your bangs as well as the scalp. Only use the flat iron in the middle of your bangs to make it look perfect and don’t curl it too much. Next comb the hair as per your desire and mist it with a spray from back of the head by moving slowly towards the front to make it set.

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