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Making Dark Hair Light Using Lemon Juice


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Having a dark hair can give a boring look if you try to style it in different ways. Some of the people will try to make the dark hair look light without getting it bleached. You can do this by using lemon juice at home as it is known to feature acid that is capable of adding a bleach effect slightly on the hair. Try to get items such as lemon juice, water and spray bottle for styling the hair.
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First take 1/4 cup lemon juice in a bottle and mix water into it. Then pour the mixture in a spray bottle and mist it all over your hair from top to end. You must give more attention while spraying it over the hair strands because it should look even. There will be dark and light streaks throughout the hair if you fail to apply it evenly. Let the hair to dry to dry on its own after spraying it with the lemon juice mixture. The time consumed will normally depend upon the length of your hair that will be around 3-5 hours. Next you must wash the hair before applying the hair conditioner. Use the hair conditioner with extra care on your hair as it can prevent the damage caused by the lemon juice. You can follow the same steps on the next day to make your hair dark hair look further light.

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