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Wavy Surfer Hairstyle


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Wavy surfer hair can be achieved with few hairstyling techniques. You can either tie this hair with a knot or even leave it as it is to look natural. Most of the people will keep this wavy hairstyle loose to create this surfer look.
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There is no need to cut the hair to create this look. You must have a long hair to get this hairstyle done perfectly. The length of your hair must be longer than your chin to achieve this hairstyle. Try to bleach the hair to make it light with the help of a natural hairstyling product such as chamomile tea by misting it all over the hair with a spray bottle. Dry your hair using the blow dryer or even make it dry naturally by going out in the sun. Try to rinse the hair with normal water and do the same at least for a month around 3 times in a week. This will make the hair look lighter and it will also give more time to the hair to grow. In case you want to change the look of your hairstyle, consult a hairstylist or you can also go through magazines to find the right surfer hairstyle that is wavy. Maintaining the wavy surfer hairstyle is also very important that can be done by spreading a little amount of hair gel whenever you wash the hair.

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