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Using Acetone To Remove Extensions


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Hair extensions are normally attached to your hair with the help of glue and it can be removed at home. Most of them normally use acetone to take the extensions out of the hair as it can make them loose. It is important to give additional care while removing the hair extensions using the acetone as it can cause damage to the hair. Don’t use other hairstyling products while removing the extensions with acetone.
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First divide the hair as four parts and take one of the hair part to begin the process. Next try to pull the hair extensions separately from your natural hair form the end and take a piece of cotton which must be soaked with acetone. Pull the hair part away from your head and wrap it with the cotton. The cotton must stay on the hair extensions till they become easily bendable. Now you must use nose pliers to squeeze the cotton out of the extensions. Continue the same process till the bond comes out of your hair. Next pull the broken bond down using your fingers and slide it out of the hair gently. Brush the left out glue from your hair using the detangling brush. Follow the same method for removing the remaining hair extensions out of the hair. At last wash the hair following the normal procedures and apply a small amount of hair conditioner.

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