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Sophia Bush With Fully Curved Bangs


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Sophia Bush is having a hairstyle with curved bangs that is one of the easiest way to style the hair for a special occasion. There is no need to get help from a hairstylist to achieve this hairstyle as you can just trim the hair at home. This style is mostly like by women who have short to medium length hair. You must be able to cut the hair by following a proper method to get this look.
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To get Sophia Bush hairstyle, first wash the hair and take the bangs forward after your hair becomes fully dry. Move the hair from middle to top of your head and towards the face. Pull rest of your hair away from the face and continue the styling process. Try to cut the bangs using the scissors straight across at nose level. Begin with small vertical cuts across the bangs and then soften the edge of the bangs with tip of the scissors. Secure your bangs with the hand on the side of your head and keep it in between your first two fingers in a curve. Try to squeeze scissors moving down the curve of the finger and make a side-swept edge. At last wrap your bangs around a one inch round brush and then pull your hair down to a side during the blow drying process. Continue the hair drying process till it becomes get fully dry and mist all over the hair with a small amount of spray.

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