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Vanessa Marano With Corkscrew Curls


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Vanessa Marano is wearing a hairstyle with corkscrew curls that is a perfect style for African hair as it contains natural kink that can help to keep the hairstyle in place for a long time. It can be achieved at home without getting help from a hairstylist. But this hairstyle can also be created with a normal hair.
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First wash your hair as usual along with a deep conditioning treatment and apply a little amount of leave in conditioner. Then separate your hair into 2 inch sections from back of your head to the front. Use hair clips to secure your hair in sections and take one of the hair section to divide it into 2 sections. Try to twist your hair strands until it becomes fully wound up. Twist each section in a similar fashion and if you face any problem in twisting your hair using the hands, use a mini hair rod. Now divide each two inch sections into a smaller section and twist them together in the same way till it becomes tight. Finally use a hood dryer to secure the twist in place which is the most important part in this hairstyle and it can take half an hour to complete. Use a shower cap and blow dry your hair if you want to avoid the hood dryer. Remove the shower cap to take out mini rod to get the corkscrew hair.

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