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Hairstyle With Arrow Plait


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Arrow plait is known to be an elegant hairstyle that can look good with long hair. It looks almost similar to end of arrow with a pointed shape and you can easily create it with the braiding technique. The hairstyle can be created on any side of your head and it is a perfect choice for a casual event.
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To start the styling, first brush your hair using the comb to make it free from the tangles and wrap simple elastic around your hair near the end of your neck. Then divide the hair into 2 separate parts and first pull out 1/4 inch hair part just outside from your right section. Try to add this section into your left part of the hair. Next separate another 1/4 inch hair strand from outside your left hair section for including it with the right hair section. Next take both sides of the hair taut and try to intertwine both the hair sections. Continue this process of taking hair strand from the right side of your section and add hair to the left side, then pulling hair strand from your left side for including it into your right side. The look of your braid must feature a pointed effect at the end and the 2 hair layers will intertwine at each other. At last pull your braid taut and continue braiding process till the end of the hair.

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