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Methods To Create Straight Hair Spikes


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Straight hair spikes are a simple way of styling your hair and it can look good if you create it with a short to medium hair. Anyone can create this hairstyle by sitting at home with the help of hair gel or serum. There are also celebrities who style their hair in this way to look unique and you can follow this method to achieve it.
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It is easy to create straight hair spikes, first as usual clean the hair and dry it with the help of hair dryer. Make sure that your hair has lost all its dampness before moving on to the next step. You must also tousle the hair with your fingers while drying it with the dryer and doesn’t use a hair comb during this process as it can make the hair look wavy. Try to move the hair dryer around the base of your neck and point it on top of the head top for lifting it. Now let the hair dry on its own and keep on tousling it with your hands with using a hair dryer for at least once in 10 minutes. Next apply a little amount of gel all over your hair and use your fingers to create the spike. Make the hair chunks to smoothen using your hands and avoid using a brush as it can take the spiky look out of your hair.

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