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Adding Shine To Tinted Hair


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Having a tinted hair can make the hair look dull and you can add shine into your hair by following few simple steps. The process is normally followed by people who want to reduce the brassy look in their hair. Before starting the styling, you must purchase the gloss styling kit for your preferred hair color. You must also wash your hair using moisturizing shampoo before starting the styling process and don’t use other shampoos as they can make your hair look dry making them difficult to add shine. Cover your shoulder with a cloth to prevent the product from falling on your cloth and skin.
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First mix the products from the hairstyling kit by following the instructions. Then use the moisturizing shampoo for cleaning the hair by washing it normally as it will make the hair moisturized. Comb the hair with wide-toothed comb and wear gloves to protect the mixture from falling on your hands. Start spreading the mixture on your entire hair and comb your hair once again from top to bottom which will make the mixture to spread completely. Let the product stay on the hair for about 10 minutes and try to rinse it using normal water. Use the rinse out hair conditioner provided in the styling kit for applying it over the hair and got through your hair for the shiny look before styling it as usual.

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