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Side Clipper Haircut


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Side clipper haircut is a special hairstyle that can give a unique look and it is worn by men as well as women. You must follow a particular technique to create this hairstyle and it can really give a very interesting look for those who wear it. Some of the celebrities wear this hairstyle on special events. You can follow various styling options for achieving this look, but you can use the standard fade technique. Purchase an electrical clipper for styling your hair in this way and make sure that it looks longer near your crown slightly fading away down towards nape of the neck.
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To create side clipper haircut at home, first adjust clipper guards perfectly as it will help to cut the hair in the right length. Start cutting your hair towards upward over the head near your crown and try to move clippers at the sides as well as back of the head as this will give a even look to your haircut. Try to blend the hair that is at the crown over the head to the sides of your head and it must also blend at the back to achieve the fade look. Place your clippers at the middle over the head and start moving forward near your forehead to keep the hair long. Finally cut the hair near forehead and spread alcohol at the hair edges.

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