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Methods To Create Herringbone Hairstyle


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Herringbone hairstyle can give a beautiful look as it features a long braid. Anyone can look beautiful with this type of hairstyle and it can be created with any type of hair. The way this hairstyle looks can make it difficult to create at home, but there is no need to get help from a hairstylist as it can be achieved with simple styling techniques. It is a perfect hairstyle for those who have a lengthy hair and it can suit perfect for walking on the red carpet
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To get herringbone hairstyle, you must pull your hair behind your head and make a simple ponytail that must look tight. Then create different parts with your hair such top of the head into two parts. Keep both these hair sections in place using your hand and take the remaining hair section in the other hand. Pull out hair from bottom right section and move it over right hair section. Next add this hair section to your left hair section and continue adding more hair using your fingers in the same way. Next pull out small hair part hair from left side and try to move it over left hair section before including it into your right section of the hair. Continue the same process till the hair ends in your hair and end the styling by securing the braid with the hair band.

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