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Loony Hairstyle


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Loony hairstyle is a unique way to style the hair which includes braided hair with the ribbon. It can give simple as well as beautiful look. It is liked by kids because it is known to give a very cute look. There is no need to use any special method to get this style done as you can do this at home with few simple tools and products.
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To create the loony hairstyle, first you must twist the hair outside from your face and pull out entire hair towards the back of your head to make a simple ponytail. Use a hair band to keep the ponytail secured as low as possible. Take the ribbon and try to thread it using a elastic by simply pulling it through elastic to make it same length on both the sides. Pull one side from the ribbon for wrapping just around your hair band. Make sure to cross your ribbon pieces and make it slightly tighter for keeping it secured. There will be three strands left out such as one hair strand and two ribbon pieces. Make a simple looking braid using the three strands and secure the ends of your hair with a simple knot. Try to cut the end of the ribbon if it comes out of the braid after the knot. Mist the entire hairstyle with a spray to end the styling.

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