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Restyling Swirly Hairstyle


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Taking care of swirly hairstyle can be hard for many people. This hairstyle can be created with any type of hair, but maintaining it in a proper condition can make it look beautiful. It is a perfect choice for a formal even and if you going to a party in the evening can wear this hairstyle. For restyling and maintaining the swirly hairstyle, try to use the curling iron with small barrel.
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Try to mist all over your hair with normal water and make sure brush it fully to remove any tangles. Take your complete hair back of your head to make s simple ponytail near the crown of the head. Use hair band to keep the ponytail in place and try to retwist your hair around the band to make a simple bun shape. Use pointed end from rat-tail comb for taking out more stray strands from your bun and now the hair will get a completely new look. Add more bobby pins all over the hair bun to keep it in place over the head. Try to curl loose hair ends with the help of a curling iron by covering the hair strands tightly using the barrel by just holding it vertically about 1 inch away from your head. Let your curling iron stay on the hair for about 20 seconds and take it out of the hair very gently.

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