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Treating Your Hair With Steam


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Treating the hair using steam can be beneficial in different ways. It can help to your hair cuticles and get it conditioned properly by entering into the hair strands. The steam is normally applied over the hair by visiting a hair specialist, but you can also do the same at home. Most of the people usually consult a hairstylist before doing this process for good result.
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To apply steam on the hair, first spread moisturizing hair conditioner all over the hair and cover the head with plastic cap. Take a bowl of water and place it in a microwave for heating. Then take a turban towel and dip it inside the hot water. Now take the plastic cap out of your head and place the hot towel over the head by simply wrapping it gently. Keep the plastic cap over the hot towel and make sure it tight. Place your head with the hot towel under hooded dryer for half an hour and remove the cap as well as towel out of the head. The hair will start to look good after this treatment. Don’t use towel that is too hot to handle over the head as it can cause damage to your hair. You can also cover the head with two turbans before covering it with the plastic cap. Wear hand gloves while using the hot towels to prevent from burns.

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