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Pixie Bangs Hairstyle


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Pixie bangs hairstyle is a perfect way of styling the hair that is short. A standard pixie hairstyle can look like a boy cut that can be created with the bangs at the side of your head. There are few celebrities who want to style their hair to look unique and they prefer this type of hairstyle. Anyone can prefer this hairstyle if they want to maintain their hair short with beautiful looking bangs.
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To create the pixie bangs hairstyle, after getting the pixie haircut by visiting a saloon you can try to follow this technique. You can also cut the hair at home using normal scissors than going to a hair specialist. First use a normal water to mist the entire hair and the hair must stay damp during the entire styling process. Then brush the hair using fine toothed hair comb and then try to brush the hair that is in front of your head all the way down. Take your hair from front of the face for twisting it like a rope and place the standard scissors over one side of your hair for the cutting process. You must keep the scissors where the bangs will look completely short over the head. Try to cut your hair downwards about 45 degree angle. At last look at your bangs that can be easily swept across your forehead with your fingers.

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