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Hairstyle With Half Pompadour


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Half pompadour is a hairstyle that has been popular from a very long time and it is liked by most of the people including many celebrities who wear it on special events. It is easy to achieve this hairstyle by anyone without getting support from a hairstylist. Follow this technique for creating the pompadour look at home by using a hair gel and comb. Avoid combing the hair too much without using the gel to prevent hair damage.
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To create the half pompadour look, first you must try to spritz the hair with water to keep it damp. Next add small amount of hair gel over the hands and spread it with the both the hands till you are able to produce heat. Then apply the hair gel over the hair using your both hands by slicking it from top to end of the hair.  Try to apply hair pomade if you are not able to find the right hair gel for using it over the hair.  Consult a hairstylist before purchasing the hair gel or pomade for styling the hair in this way. Start combing the hair from of the head towards the back to create your pompadour style. You must also brush the hair at the side of your head gently. Finally create a lift in your hair using the comb for creating the right height of your half pompadour.

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