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Mila Kunis With Pressed Hair


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A pressed comb is a straightening tool that can be used on any type of hair. Most of the celebrities like to maintain their hair straight which also includes Mila Kunis. It is easy to make the hair straight, but you must know the best method to do this. There are various tools available to make the hair straight and the easy to use tool can be the pressed comb. Consult hairstylist before using the pressed comb if you have any doubts.
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To use the pressed comb, first clean your hair using moisturizing shampoo and try to condition it before creating the part. Try to make small sections which will be used for the styling process. Before proceeding the hair must be completely dry and avoid working it with damp hair. Apply small amount of the pressed oil over your hair sections using your fingers. Use the pressed comb for straightening your small sections first and then move on to the large hair sections. Just slide the comb over the hair section from top to end using your hands and stay at least 1 inch away from the scalp to present any burns. Once the small sections get straightened with the pressed comb, try to use the same method on the sections that are big. Try to stay calm while using the pressed comb over the hair and don’t try to rush with the styling process as it can be dangerous to your hair.

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