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Steps To Highlight Weaves


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Highlighting a weave is not an easy process as you must get some practice before trying this process. But this is the safest method that can be followed to achieve a colorful hair without touching the natural hair. Most of the people who don’t want to apply color on their natural hair can try this process. The highlighted weave can be attached to your natural hair once it has been colored. Use the hair coloring kit that is available in the market to try this method.
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Take mix the hair color with a developer by following the instructions over the kit. Make sure to mix the products evenly in the bowl and take the highlighting cap for wearing it over the hair weave. Gently pull the hair strands out of the hole in the highlighting cap using the tool provided along with the kit and try to take out only large amount of hair from the holes. If you want to use small amount of hair for the highlighting process, try it but make sure that it will be a very long process. Now take the color mixture from the bowl and start applying it over the hair that comes out of the cap. Let the color stay on the hair for the time mentioned on the kit and then try to rinse it as usual. Once you take the cap out of your hair after the rinsing process, try to apply a conditioner.

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