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Treating Hair With Motions Salon Conditioner


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Motions salon conditioner is available along with the relaxer system offered by the same company. It is applied while making the hair straight on a afro hair. The hair conditioner is used as a pre-treatment process which is expected to make the hair strong without causing any breakage. Consult a hairstylist before using this product at home. Try to cover the shoulder with a cloth to prevent the product from falling over your skin.
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To apply the hair conditioner, first brush the hair to make it knot free and apply a small amount of petroleum jelly all over the hairline. Wear hand gloves and take the conditioner from the kit for applying it over the hair in parts. Make sure it must be used on the hair that has been already relaxed. This conditioner has been specially made to protect relaxed hair which has become slightly damaged due to the chemical treatment. It is a perfect product for using it over the relaxed hair to prevent further hair damage and make the hair strong. You can use this product as per your desire and make sure it is completely spread over the entire hair. Next you can use the relaxer system by following the instructions on the kit. After completing the styling process, try to wash the hair as per your wish. Avoid using the hair conditioner without consulting a hair specialist.

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