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Creating Afro Look In A Straight Hair


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Creating afro look in a straight hair is not so easy, but you can achieve it with some additional effort. The afro hairstyle can give a completely new look when compared to other hair types. Make sure to condition the hair with the right products and maintain the moisturizer in your hair before starting the styling process.
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To start first clean your hair using a sulfate-free hair shampoo and apply a generous amount of hair conditioner. Leave the hair conditioner on for about half an hour and cover the head with plastic cap. Place your head under the hooded dryer with medium heat as it can make the hair conditioner to enter into the hair strands. Rinse the entire again after the drying process and dry it again using a towel. Take 1 cup aloe vera juice in a bowl and mix 2 tbsp glycerin along with 3 drops of essential oil. Mix these items together perfectly and pour it in a spray bottle that will be used for misting the hair. After spraying the hair, try to brush it using detangling hair comb and apply a small amount of holding gel. Now take Shea butter in your hands and spread it all over the hair. Next comb the once again and cover the head with head band. Try to fluff up the hair using your fingers to complete the styling process.

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