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Steps To Maintain Bead Hair Extension


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Bead hair extension is applied in many ways without going to a saloon. You can use methods like sewing and gluing for the bead hair extension, but they can cause slight damage to the natural hair Another method for the bead hair extension is known as micro-beading that includes metal crimping the beads and securing with hair strands. It is easy to create bead hair extensions that can be left untouched for a minimum of 6 months without few important maintaining tips.
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First separate the hair from top of your micro-beads in a row and secure the upper hair away from your styling process. Now pull out your hair strand that has extensions and try to place it just below the bead. Try to use pliers to press it just over the sides of flat beads and try to open it for sliding the hair extension to your bead over the hair shaft just away from the hair root. Try to put more pressure to your hair extension over the hair bead and align it over the top of your hair bead. You must simply crimp the hair bead again with the pliers and try to push it with medium pressure over the middle part. Continue this process till the end of the hair bead to make it secured. Use the technique on the remaining hair strands along with the hair beads to end the process.

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