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Scarlett Johansson With Modified Undercut


scarlett johansson undercut scarlett johansson undercut2
Scarlett Johansson has got a modified undercut hairstyle that is a very unique way of styling the hair. It looks almost same as the normal undercut hairstyle, but with additional look. It is a perfect choice for those people who have a strong hair and this hairstyle will have shorter hair underneath and longer over the head that can be worn by men and women.
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There are different versions in this haircut such as short to long depending upon the length of your hair. The shorter hair version will end below the chin that is known to be perfect for slimmer face. The medium version hairstyle will normally end about two below the chin that is great choice for rectangular face for its strong features. The longer version will usually end over the shoulder that can be great choice for the rounder face. Before starting your styling process try to keep your hair slightly damp that will help to separate the hair and cut it. Divide your hair into different layers that can be placed on the head in any place. Start cutting bottom layer of your hair first and in case you are having about two layers or more in the hair section try to keep each layer longer when compared to the previous one and shorter than next layer. The length of hair layers will normally be different from one person to other.

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