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Hair Loss And Acupuncture


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Treating hair with acupuncture can prevent hair loss and it must be done only by a specialists. The tools that is required for this process includes acupuncture needles and other topical products. Anyone can use this method for treating their hair with the help of acupuncture. This technique is mostly used with your hands and the products used are specially designed for them.

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Make sure to purchase the products such as herbal products, shampoo and other items for treating your scalp. Most of the time, the hair loss occurs in postpartum women and others who lost blood. Other problem that can cause hair loss includes kidney deficiency. These things are known to cause temporary hair loss that can be treated using the acupuncture method. For this process, first you must select 5-6 points on your scalp for those who face kidney deficiency as the kidney channel can be found on leg and into the inner thigh towards the abdomen. By using the acupuncture method, you will be able to treat hair loss as well as make your kidney’s chi strong which can support in the improvement of your hair growth. After getting this treatment done, try to use herbal products and shampoos for cleaning as well as styling your hair. Consider to get support from a hair specialist while going for the acupuncture treatment to prevent other problems related to your hair.

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