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Curling Straight Hair Strands


curl straight hair strand curl straight hair strand2
If you are planning to curl a small hair strand that is fully straight, then you must follow a particular method. Even though there are different ways to make your hair curly, just follow these simple steps to achieve it perfectly without going to a hair specialist.
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There are tools that can be used for styling your hair in this way such as curling iron, hot rollers and more. There is also another option that can be used is creating bun in the hair. To do this, first you must take small hair section and try to twist it using your hands. Now create a small bun with the hair section. Make sure that bun you have created looks flat. Continue to twist the hair bun and keep it secured using a clip. Mist the hair using a spray and use the same method on the remaining hair parts where you want to create the curls. After creating buns all over the hair leave it on as it is during the night. In the morning try to apply heat over the hair using a blow dryer and leave it set for about half an hour. Now you can take bun out of the hair with your hands and you can see curls all over the hair strands. Try to create the bun in small numbers if you don’t want to create curls all over the head.

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