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Beachy Waves With Sea Salt Hairspray


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Creating beachy waves can give a natural look to your hair. This is a very casual hairstyle that can be achieved with any type of hair. You can just use sea salt hairspray to get this hairstyle on your hair without using other styling products. The following is one of the simple method to create the beachy look with sea salt hairspray.
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To create beachy waves, wash the hair and dry it normally using a towel. Then comb your hair to remove the tangles using a wide-toothed hair brush. Now take the sea salt hairspray and shake it well for 1 minute to make it mixed perfectly. Next pull out 2 inch hair section and spray it with the sea salt hairspray. Scrunch the hair section using your hands and try to push your hair ends upward. Continue to use the same technique on the same hair section for at least 4 four times. Then you can take another 1 inch hair part and repeat the method all over the head in the same way. Make your hair dry on its own and fluff it slightly with the help of your fingers. Again use the hairspray to mist the entire hair to end your styling process. You can also use another technique known as the braiding method to crate the beachy look using the same sea salt hairspray, but it can consume more time than the first one.

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