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Steps To Prepare Stiff Gel At Home


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Making a hair gel at home is easy and this can be made slightly stiff by following few simple technique. Most of the hair gels that are available in store normally contain chemicals that can dame the hair. By preparing stiff gel in your hair, the styling process can be made simple and easy without any damage. You must purchase few items to prepare your stiff gel which includes gelatin, essential oil, eyedropper, bowl, spoon, airtight container. By preparing your gel a home it can consume more time as well as money.
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To prepare the gel at home, first take one cup water in a bowl and make it slightly warm. Then take half tsp unflavored gelatin for mixing it into the water. Try to mix it properly using a spoon to make it thicker as per your wish. You can also add more gelatin depending upon the thickness that you are looking to have in the gel. Now you must mix essential oil into the bowl of your mixture and include few drops of eyedropper in the bowl to add fragrance. Keep the bowl in a refrigerator and keep it for a week to make the thickness deplete. By following this method you will be able to create the stiff gel at home within a short time. But you can also prevent the hair from getting damaged from other types of hair gels available in the store.

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