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Coloring Your Hair Using Molasses


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Molasses is a thick gooey substance that is used during baking and it can be applied over your hair to make it dark. It is important to know how to use the molasses in a perfect manner to make the hair look beautiful. The coloring process will be very simple if you follow these simple styling techniques. Don’t use too much of molasses for the styling process as it can make the hair look dark. Try to purchase olive oil for mixing it with the molasses for using it over your hair.
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First brush your entire hair which will help to make it tangle free and take 1/4 cup molasses. Try to mix the molasses with equal amount olive oil. Start spreading the mixture all over your hair from top to end in evenly manner. Make the mixture to stay in the hair for about half an hour which can help in making the color look strong. Now rinse your hair completely and use only your hands to make the mixture come out of your hair till the water comes out clean out of the hair. Try to style the hair as usual after making it dry with a towel. Make sure to comb the hair just like earlier before styling it as usual. Don’t make the mixture to stay on your hair for a long time as it can darken the hair color.

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