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Apostolic Hairstyle


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Apostolic hairstyle is part of Pentecostal religion where the women don’t cut their hair and it will be left to grow long. This style can be easily created within few minutes by following a particular technique. The things that is required to achieve this hairstyle includes hairspray, hair elastic, rat-tail hair comb and butterfly clip.
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First take a small part of hair in front of the head and keep it separated using the clip. Now take another hair part across back of the head and keep it aside with the clips. Then pull your hair four inches for creating a loop and make the remaining hair fall down. Pull your hair loop up at the crown of the head and secure each of them with butterfly clip at the end. Divide the ponytail into 3 parts and start rolling each of them towards upward in your fingers to create three loops and keep it in place using butterfly clip. Now take the hair part from the center of the head and separate it into 2 parts and tease each of them with rat-tail hair comb. Try to roll each hair sections together towards back of the head and secure it using butterfly clip. Finally take the front hair part in your fingers and pull it toward crown of the head for securing it using bobby pins. Now your hairstyle is ready, try to mist it with a spray to complete the look.

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