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Removing Tangles In Weave Behind Your Head


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Wearing a weave hairstyle can give a unique look, but it is important to maintain it in a proper way. Most of the time the weave can get untangled due to various things and it can be rectified with few simple steps. The weave can get tangled mostly at the back of your head and you just need a vent hair brush for dealing with this issue without going to a hair specialist.
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There is no need to get any practice before starting this styling process as it can be done at home by anyone. Avoid using any type of hairstyling products during this process as you can just this technique to do it. The weave of your hair can get tangled at the back for most of the women when they lie down over their hair weave. There can be tangles in your weave while driving the car and whenever the weave gets pressed. To start the untangling process of your hair weave, first brush the weave starting from nape of your head and move at the nape of your head. Comb your hair using the vent brush from end of the hair and move towards the scalp very gently. Continue to comb the hair until the entire weave gets free from tangles. Don’t use other tools for brushing your hair as they can remove the tangles out of the weave.

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