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Coloring Your Gray Afro Hair


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Coloring gray afro hair can be an easy process if you do it in a proper way. There are different ways that can help to color your gray hair at home. Make sure to use the right coloring product while changing the color of your gray hair.
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First you must select the best coloring product suitable for your hair type. Try to select the hair color that must match tint of the hair. You can also try to use henna to color your hair than selecting the chemical product. Take henna in a bowl and mix lemon juice along with water. Mix it till you create paste like substance and leave it overnight. In the morning wash the hair and apply the mixture over your slightly damp hair. Place a shower cap over your head to cover the hair and leave it on for about 3-4 hours before rinsing your entire hair. In case you are using a chemical hair coloring product, first consult a hair specialist. The color applied over your hair can easily enter into the follicles causing damage to your hair. Maintain your hair by washing it with moisture-rich shampoos as it is specially made for afro hair. There are also temporary hair coloring product that can be used on your hair to cover gray afro hair. Try to perm your hair before applying the hair color over your afro hair.

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