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Create Fade Look With Afro Hair


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Having an afro hair can give a hard time for most of the people as it cannot be styled in different ways. You can try to cut the afro hair into fade by following few styling techniques. Those who are styling their hair into a fade look can use this simple cutting method.
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To begin, first brush the hair and determine length of your hair before starting the cutting process. Take hair clippers with size 4 guard for cutting the hair at the side of your head. Begin the process from base of your scalp to move towards upward. Move hair clippers away from crown of your head while moving on top to achieve fade look. Use size 3 guard to move the clippers away from your head. Next change size 2 guard along with size 1 guard to begin from base of your scalp skull to cut the hair upward and move outward at the place where size 2 guard had stopped. At last cut the hair near your hairline including the sideburns, back of your neck to create the sharp lines. Now take the fine toothed hair brush to create straight lines in your hair from base of your head and cut about one inch at the sides of your head. Cut the left out hair around your head by using a normal haircutting technique to end the styling method.

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