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Steps To Remove Intense Color From Scalp


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Intense hair coloring can also leave some mark on your scalp after washing it out of the hair. Leaving the color on your scalp can cause damage to it. To remove such hair color from your hair, there is no need to go to a saloon as it can be done at home. If you follow this method of removing color out of the scalp, the color applied on the hair will also be removed slightly.
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First rinse your hair fully to clear the hair color from your hair and you can stand in the shower for about 5 minutes to do this. Now spray the water using the shower over your hair and make sure that it enters into the hair forcibly with high pressure. Do the rinsing process till the color comes out of the scalp. In case this option fails to do the job, then you can try another method. To do this, you must purchase baking soda. Take the baking soda in your fingers and apply it over the scalp area where you see intense color. Try to rub the baking soda gently over the scalp and leave it on for about 2 minutes before wiping it with a warm cloth. Follow this technique until the color gets removed out of your scalp completely. You can also use Toothpaste instead of using the baking soda and use the same method to remove the color.

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