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Gwen Stefani With Rocking Victory Rolls


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Gwen Stefani is wearing a perfect styled victory rolls that is a great way of styling the hair. This type of hairstyle was very much popular in the 1940s where most of the women sued to wear it. It is important to roll your hair up and secure it using pins to achieve this look perfectly.
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To get this hairstyle like Gwen Stefani, start the styling with a cleanly washed hair and make a simple part in your hair from ear to ear. Now you must make a simple looking ponytail behind your head and part loose hair straight down in the middle and secure the half of your hair down before brushing the front layer of hair over your teased hair. Try to roll your hair in the fingers to create a simple loop and take the fingers out of the roll. Now tuck your hair ends just below the loop to roll your hair towards inside of your head. You can take the loop out and you will see the rolled shape that can be secure in place. If you want rolls over other parts of your head, try to use the same technique to achieve it in a perfect shape. You can also create curls in your hair that is left loose at the back of the head and end the styling after misting the hair with a spray.

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