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Creating Ringlets In A Single Ponytail


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A ponytail is a simple way of styling your hair and it can be created with a creative look to be worn for a special occasion. One of the best variations in the ponytail is wearing it along with ringlets. Here is a way to crate the ponytail with ringlets without going to a saloon.
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First make the hair smooth by combing it from top to bottom. Then make sure that your hair fully dry and start spreading a small amount of hair gel all over your hair. Apply the gel mainly at the end of your hair and comb the hair once again. Then pull your hair behind your head to make the ponytail near the crown of your head. Use a normal rubber band to keep the ponytail secured in place. Now it is time to create large curls in your ponytail. To do this, first pull out one part of hair for securing it with the curling iron at the end of your hair. Then try to roll the hair up within the curling iron and leave it for about 5 seconds. Now you can remove the curling iron from your hair very gently and see the curls in it.  Use the same method on the remaining hair parts using the curling iron and leave it for cooling. At last create one big curl by including all the three parts together.

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