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Using Triphala Powder For Treating Hair


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Triphala powder is a herbal product that is used for treating headaches, high blood pressure and other medical condition. But this powder is also one of the best product for treating a damaged hair. It is also known to be used for hair growth in a perfect way. The triphala is made by mixing three fruits such as amla, chebulic myrobalan and belleric myrobalan. Each of these fruits is known to feature their own qualities that can be used for various purposes. Go to a hairstylist if you are having a damaged hair than trying this herbal treatment.
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The triphala is available in different forms including tablet or powder that can be mixed in water for consuming. The powdered form of triphala is known to be much more effective when compared other types of the same product. If possible you can also spread this powder over your hair directly and leave it on for few minutes before getting the hair washed as usual. The same technique is used if you want to treat the skin condition with the same product. The triphala powder can be used for cleaning your hair that looks oily and use it on regular basis, but make sure to wash the hair completely to remove it using a shampoo. Try to consult a hair specialist before using this product on your hair to prevent any type of reactions.

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