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Coloring Your Hair Roots Using Clairol


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Clairol offers different types of hair coloring product one of them can be used to touch up your hair roots. Most of the people will apply color on their hair only once in 3 months, but meanwhile the hair root will start to show its original color. So you can touch up these hair roots using Clairol coloring product.
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First purchase root touch-up product from Clairol which must match the color of your hair. Then clean your hair using a shampoo and don’t apply a hair conditioner or any other product over your hair. Next wear hand gloves from the coloring kit and start mixing the color in a bowl by following the instruction on the kit. Make sure that the ingredients in the kit are properly mixed and cover your shoulder with a towel before applying the color over your hair root. Do a strand test to see if you are facing any type of reactions to the hair color before using it over the entire hair. Gently apply the color over your hairline using the brush till the entire root gets covered with the hair coloring product. See the instructions to know the time for leaving the color over your hair which will be about 10-15 minutes. At last use warm water to rinse the hair till the water comes out fully clean out of your hair to end the coloring process.

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